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We provide educational opportunities to the children by motivating them to attend school and find a place for them in schools. Placing the children in schools is not an easy task but thanks to the co-operation of the following schools, our children all have found their place.

  • In Kidane Meheret School we have 28 Children, from Grade 1 to Grade 7.
  • In Kebena School we have 20 children from Grade 1 to Grade 6.
  • In Kobeb Tsebah we have 17 children, from Grade 1 to Grade 8.
  • St Mary’s School, one girl attend in grade nine.
  • ‘Beata International Pre School’ donates 4 free places to our toddlers.

Any child that comes after the school starts we send them to a private school that is near to us. It was not easy to get a place in the government schools, for we had to help other poor children by giving them a hot meal every day.

As far as the under 6 year olds are concerned, we have opened a Kindergarten in our compound, in which other poor children participate. We also:

  • Provide them with all the necessary materials.
  • Follow them and give them extra help after school hours.
  • Promote in them self-esteem and confidence.

Kidane Mehret graduate students

Educational Success

Our children have been successful at tertiary level education. Some have gone on to study on international scholarships