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We like to implement in the heart of the children love for work and helping others. We show them that work is not shameful and it is not only for the downcast but for everyone who is healthy. We have to earn our daily bread ourselves and not always depend on others .We try to make them aware that people are different and when it comes to work not everybody is good for the same job. Some people are confident in mental or academic work while others are confident in manual and technical work. Here the children help everyday with the house chores. We teach them that even Jesus, when he was a child used to help his family, so even we, have to do our part in our big family with love.

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Workers and Volunteers

We have forty people working with us, many of whom are single parents. We help these mothers so that they can continue to care for their own children. Besides their salaries they have free meals and many of them have a child sponsored.

All around the year we have volunteers who come from different parts of the world. They come to offer their services for at least one month. Some spend three months and we had offers of a year too.



We regard play as a vital part of the of children's development. With the generous support of Emirates Airline Foundation we will very soon be able to install new play equipment at Kidane Mehret.